DESEM, which is on the first floor of Dokuz Eylül University Rectorship building in Alsancak, has become a place, focusing on current and universal information transfer, of meeting and bringing together for those not only who are the university students but also who live in İzmir and residential areas around it from every walk of life by the courtesy of the works of itself together with its academic personnel. For this respect, it maintains its existence with successful results in reaching more and more people. 

DESEM, which was founded to transfer all information and experience which was produced in various departments in our University to all walks of life, together with a lot of participants from students to housewives, from businessmen to state officers has met in activities organized, they have had the opportunities to watch all new developments in art, culture and science world with the service quality that the University presents. In this regard, it has 75. Yıl Lecture Hall: for 385 people, Bordo Hall: for 238 people, Mavi Hall: for 98 people, Computer lab: for 45 people, 6 classes for 20 people each. So, total 871 people are able to use them at the same time. 




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